Midterm Election Results (not finalized)

Revised report. Prop 127 count was reported incorrectly in original report.

A summary of midterm election results impacting the Arizona fire service and fire districts are listed. Election returns reflect 99% of precincts reporting. A total of 1,739,186 ballots were cast with a record midterm voter turnout of 46.80%.

  • Governor Doug Ducey (R) easily won reelection over challenger David Garcia (D).
  • The Arizona Senate will remain a 17-13 GOP advantage as neither party gained seats. The Democrats last controlled the Senate in 1992.
  • The Arizona House (currently a 35-25 GOP advantage) appears headed for a 31-29 split with a net gain of 4 seats for the Democrats. Three incumbent Republicans lost their bid for reelection, and one open seat was lost in LD-17 (Chandler). Todd Clodfelter (LD-10, Tucson), Jill Norgaard (LD-18, Tempe-Phoenix), Maria Syms (LD-28, Paradise Valley) were the GOP incumbents who lost seats. The GOP maintains the majority in the House which they have maintained since 1966.
  • Prop 126 (constitutional prohibition on taxing services) and Prop 127 (clean energy mandate) both of which have negative impact on fire services:

o   Prop 126 – 65.14% Yes / 34.86% No

o   Prop 127 –30.23% Yes / 69.77% No

  • The following table provides results for select contested fire board elections from across Arizona. Fire districts are listed by county. Fire districts spanning multiple counties are noted and vote totals include returns from both counties where applicable. Incumbent board members seeking reelection are identified by (I) following their name. FF endorsed (XX) indicates local firefighters have endorsed the candidate for election. Presumptive winners are highlighted (election results to be confirmed by canvass)


Az State DOH Northern Regional Advisory Committee Award!

As many of you know, the Arizona State Department of Homeland Security Northern Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) awarded a project to Navajo County Emergency Management for the purpose of developing a communication plan. The primary purpose for the plan is to provide the RAC committee with a resource (Plan) to help objectively direct funding for necessary communication projects. In addition, the communication plan is one of the tools that the Interoperability Working Group use to evaluate communication projects and provides approval back to the RAC.  Other statewide RAC’s have communication plans in place and as a result those RAC’s have been successful in developing and building out their communication systems. In our region, we can look to Coconino County who has had a plan in place and every year their submitted projects are aligned with their plan design progressively improving their system. That being noted, there appears to be some confusion on what this plan entails. In an effort to provide information with the hope of clarifying what the goal of the plan is or isn’t, we have attached the scope of work. In short, this plan isn’t evaluating merging Apache and Navajo County communications centers. It is evaluating existing infrastructure, where gaps exists, and what the future communication needs are for both respective counties in order to prioritize the planning and funding of those projects. The only potential linkage between the two counties would be creating the ability to temporarily transfer dispatching services as a failsafe backup in the event of disaster to ensure that our respective communities have the ability to deal with public safety needs during such widespread disaster such as wildfire. Should you have additional questions please reach out to Caterina Jenkins at or Jim Morgan for information.



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Leadership in Supervision (part 3 of 3)

Timber Mesa Fire Training Division in conjunction with the Arizona Center for Fire Service Excellence and the National Fire Academy are pleased to offer:

F0648 – Leadership in Supervision: Frameworks to Success (part 3 of 3)  <– Download Flyer Here

Location:  Timber Mesa Fire Station 13

January 16th and 17th 2019

0800 to 1700

$25.00 Fee

To register for this course, please send your request and your ERMA EIN & FEMA SID numbers to training@timbermesafire.org



Next Scheduled Meeting – Sept 27th


The NAFCA meeting to be held in Greer last Thursday was cancelled at the last minute due to a lack of members present. The next meeting scheduled is for September 27th at WMAT Fire and Rescue Hondah Station at 0930.


Frank Adams

NAFCA Secretary